Something to Do, Something to Love, And Something to Hope for

Written by Bo Wang

Translated by R. Liu

Cover image by Ting2 for Spring Grass Publishing

Together with the lush flowers in my little Man Garden in silence, I was waiting for the arrival of the new year. It’s in the air as it covenants.

Casting a retrospective glimpse, 2020 has again proven itself an unusual year, filled with hardships on grand levels and also on personal levels. Out of the blue, I came to realize the incredible beauty of the arrival “as promised.” How weary, restless, or gut-wrenching it could be, just to wait, wait and wait! The seemingly interminable drudgery, however, ended up in no disappointment. How beautiful the waiting turned out to be!

Winter Tree
Photo credit to Hans Braxmeier

A new year almost guarantees new possibilities, some as essential as turning points while some perhaps less critical. Under my adoring gazes, the bushes and blossoms uttered no words but let breezes rustle through their branches and leaves. The universe is a hotel for us travelers, to have a break along our long journey. No matter what had to happen, what had to experience, even dark or gloomy, no need

to fret or frown. Move on.

Like how the classic author Joseph Addison put, “Three grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.” Exactly. So, on the first day of 2021, let us make wishes for happiness with some company of trees, blossoms and beauty.

Photo credit to Larisa Koshkina

May we keep the courage to fly like free spirits, delighted by dreams of poetry and the far afield.

May we appreciate the affections from those within the family and community, among or beyond the pots and pans.

May we love, cherish and carry on, no looking back but forward. At the end of a tough bitter winter, everyone sees a lavish green mountain emerging in spring.










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