Live The Moment

This Winter is winding down. How far is the next Spring? Full of hopes, we hear the steps of the new year approaching. 2020 is testing, enriching, and special on so many levels. But, just a second thought, any year is testing and enriching and special.

Or, perhaps any moment? Any moment of the past could be as testing as it wanted, any moment of the present can be as enriching as you define, any moment of the future would be as special as we do now.

Yes, it is so wonderful for each of us to be able to breathe the fresh air today, freezing or sweating - with necessary precautions where need. With that breathing joy, we can absolutely work together to make the world better: even simply by giving our family members a smile, or making a good wish for strangers we see in street or on screen, apart from tremendous things we can do, for a great cause, big or small.

Wish all the families happy, healthy and promising.

Cover image by Karsten Winegeart. Video credit to Hans Braxmeier.

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