There are certain questions that human beings never stop asking, big or small. We help readers in pursuit of their own answers or explanations, by helping authors to provide one or several interesting perspectives, in various forms. 
  • We are here to promote the general access to aesthetics expressions through literacy, thinking, arts and design.

  • We are here to facilitate the self-motivated enrichments at any age for a better me and world, now and future.

  • We are here to inspire the minds eager to connect wider and deeper to other cultures. 

We are guided by four core values that are the power houses of our undertaking and what we mean by "doing the right thing": innovation, diversity, equity and inclusion. 
At Spring Grass Publishing, our products are available in paper prints and/or popular electronic forms.  



We focus on self-help, guide, learning tools, art and design, autobiography, memoir, narrative history, business and economics, children's fiction, literacy, religion, philosophy, photography and travel.